From the moment that Bernie and Rita Turner created Walden University, we have believed in using educational innovation to empower the greater good. In the years to come, that founding principle will continue to guide us as we embrace new technologies, new learning options, and new ways to create social change.

A hundred years after our founding, I want Walden to be exactly what it is today and what it has always been: a pioneer.
Ward Ulmer, Walden University President

Building on the Past to Empower the Future

In 1970, Walden became one of the first universities to meet the needs of working professionals. Ever since, we’ve been a leader in adult education, providing people around the globe with the opportunity to earn the degrees they need to make a difference in their live, their communities, and the world. We’re proud of that legacy—but we’re just getting started.

Black-and-white image of Walden University’s first class of graduates sitting during the commencement ceremony.

Walden’s first graduating class experienced an education that was highly innovative for its time. Walden’s future graduating classes will experience the best innovations of their own time.

Our vision for the future is as bold as it is comprehensive. We’re looking at every aspect of higher education and developing ways to meet the needs of tomorrow’s working professionals. Our three primary areas of innovation include:

If you see that something really needs attention, then you’ve got to utilize whatever abilities you have in order to effect that change.
Bernie Turner, Walden University Founder