Mobilize for Good

In April, we partnered with a Baltimore, Maryland, alumna and the Baltimore-based nonprofit Improving Education to respond to the urgent needs of local schools and students disrupted by the COVID-19 closures. We were amazed at the strength of the community and glad to be able to help.

Our Commitment

This year, we set off to Mobilize for Good. We committed to working with our alumni to help give back to the schools that inspire them—and need them—by traveling across the country in our RV to do Acts for Good. And even when COVID-19 made traveling no longer an option, we pressed on.

Following our February stop in Tampa, Florida, we refocused our efforts to respond to the crisis at hand in meaningful ways—even as we stay apart. In April, we brought Mobilize for Good to Baltimore, Maryland, and, in the months to come, we’ll be performing more Acts for Good with our alumni, students, and others. We remain as committed as ever to shining a light on those making a difference while helping them to do even more.

Our Upcoming Destinations:

Washington, D.C.
Houston, Texas
Atlanta, Georgia
North Carolina

The Mobilize for Good Journey

February 2020 Tampa, Florida

Tampa Acts for Good

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April 2020 Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore Acts for Good

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