Mobilize for Good in Houston, Texas

When teachers in Texas left for spring break, they had no idea they wouldn’t be back in the classroom this year. That’s been challenging for them all—but it’s been particularly hard for teachers who are retiring and will never be in the classroom again.

Here is the story.

Teacher Trang LeQuang smiles into the camera in front of a white backdrop.

Retiring Houston teacher Trang LeQuang was recognized by the Beneke Elementary School community and Walden University for her dedication to teaching for more than 28 years

Honoring a Beloved Teacher

School: Beneke Elementary School

During her more than 28 years of teaching, Trang LeQuang collected photos of students to add to her Wall of Mathematicians. It’s just one example of how much she cares about her students—many of whom have gone on to become doctors, lawyers, and even parents of students in her classes. But no matter where they’ve gone in their lives, Trang’s students are better off for having her as a teacher.

This year, she taught her last class.

At many schools, when an educator as beloved as Trang retires, there’s a ceremony honoring their years of work and the positive impact they’ve made. Because of restrictions surrounding COVID-19, Trang’s school, Beneke Elementary, couldn’t host an event. But through its relationship with Walden University, Trang received the heartfelt sendoff she deserved.

Displaying a Plaque in Her Honor

Trang is beloved by generations of Beneke Elementary School students—and now the generations of students who follow will know her legacy too. To commemorate her years of teaching and to inspire others to embrace the passion and can-do spirit that defined Trang’s years in the classroom, Walden donated a plaque honoring Trang. When the school reopens, Beneke administrators will hang the plaque in her classroom so all who pass through the halls will know the impact Trang had on her students and the school. Trang will also receive a plaque for her to proudly display in her home in recognition of her dedication.

Holding a Community Parade

We couldn’t help Beneke Elementary hold a celebration in the school, so we brought the celebration to Trang. On a warm Houston day, teachers, administrators, and students gathered in their cars, lined up in a procession, and paraded by Trang’s house, shouting well wishes and waving signs. It was a joyful moment that reflected how much Trang means to so many in the community.

Donating Food to Those in Need

Trang’s dedication to her students didn’t stop in the classroom. She has always cared about students’ lives and, during COVID-19 restrictions, she volunteered to pass out food to students in need. To recognize her good acts and help the community she cares so much about, we made 10,000 meal donations in her name. The donation supported numerous families in the Spring Independent School District and serves as a fitting tribute to a teacher who always put those around her first.

The Spring Independent School District has 40 schools and approximately 36,000 students. If you would like to learn more about Spring Independent School district and make a donation to support this initiative, visit


We helped make a difference in Houston and the community took notice. Check out some of the recent press, below, about our latest project.

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